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released December 18, 2010



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The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die Willimantic, Connecticut


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Track Name: To Miss Catherine (A Birthday Gift. Sorry I can't do better, but still...)
Hide out, it's certainly a safe place. With lights out and blankets shielding bodies from the cold. I know that there exists polaroids of clothing that you used to wear. Your skin constructed cities as it flaked into the stitches and the seams. Dearest, you left me with a closet where the moth's digest a promise that "I'll never tell a soul" I know that you know. We stack bricks we're building a brand new city where will sleep safely and underwater. Where we are all the same, we're breathless sculptures.
Track Name: Be Neon With Me
We're doomed to kiss each other while we lay in bed discovering what it's like to eat lead and the sickness that can come from it. The radiator dries your mouth out. Oh my word you were a songbird but your songs were a canon that shoots buildings. What habitat will you live in? Well, I won't know because I won't see you. Take the skin from our hands. If Ethan stretched it across the river we would walk to our target. Our own desperate bodies.